Community Education Advisory Council

The Community Education Advisory Council (CEAC) is a group of citizens, school district staff members and municipal representatives who advise and assist the Community Education Department regarding budget, programming, marketing, and services. CEAC members are drawn from the Proctor Public School District and Hermantown Community School District to connect resources and communities. The group meets regularly during the school year, four times a year minimally.

The purpose of the Community Education Advisory Council is

To recommend areas or program development according to the state guidelines

To assess the needs, desires and concerns of the communities at large as they relate to community education

To assist on items pertaining to resource identification, programs, classes, policies, and services  

To expand and improve communication between community groups, agencies, municipalities, and schools and to assist in the coordination and elimination of duplication of programs and services

To serve as an ambassador for communities and school districts

To advocate for continued quality by promoting the philosophy of lifelong learning for all ages

To recommend appropriate Community Education and Services program budgets

Community Education Advisory Council Qualifications

Connection to ISD #704 (Proctor Public Schools) and/or ISD #700 (Hermantown Community Schools) – resident, business owner, student, teacher, etc.

Committed to lifelong learning

Enjoys working in a group setting

Willingness to share expertise and skills

Desire to improve and promote the connection of communities

Foster the community and school district partnership


Become knowledgeable of Community Education’s purpose, staffing, funding, current emphasis, operations and concerns.

Provide input and be an integral part of Community Education Operations by reviewing issues and assisting in the planning for the future of Community Education 

Be a positive representative of Community Education within the communities

Current Members

Anthony Wood

Barb Harris

Janet Rasmussen

Caitlyn Wood

Jeramy Katchuba

Katie Solem

Krista Yokom

Rory Johnson

Shelley Thomas

Lynn Peterson

Lindsay Clauson