Nature based preschool

Little Rails & Little Hawks 4's & 5's

Little Rails & Little Hawks 4’s & 5’s Preschool is a continuum of services offered by our Early Learning Department as your child prepares for the transition to kindergarten.  We are committed to meeting the needs of every young learner in a caring and engaging learning environment. Your child's natural curiosity will be the jump start to learning that is integrated with play. Enriching learning opportunities are focused in the areas of literature, math, science, and social-emotional well-being using a Minnesota Department of Education approved curriculum.  

Little Rails and Little Hawks 4’s & 5’s is a top-rated 4 Star Parent Aware program.  Our staff participates in continuous quality training and professional development to excel at using kindergarten-readiness best practices.  To learn more about Parent Aware visit the click on the following link. 

Be sure to ask about our nature-based programs. Now available in both school districts!

Where can my child participate?

Proctor Early Childhood Center

202 5th Street; Proctor

Pike Lake Elementary School

5682 Martin Road; Duluth

Bay View Elementary School

8708 Vinland St; Duluth

Hermantown Community Learning Center

4333 Hawk Circle Drive; Hermantown

How do I register my child?

Our preschool programs begin registration on March 1. Registration takes place online or over the phone.

Little Rails & Little Hawks Registration

Phone: 218.729.9563

Who do I contact with questions?

Sarah Dennis, Early Learning Program Manager | 218.729.9563 

Nancy Litman, Director of Early Learning | 218.729.9563