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Youth Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons

Community Education offers group swimming lessons, private swimming lessons, and open swim during the summer months, or private lessons during the fall, winter and spring as WSI's are available. All swim lessons take place at the Proctor Public High School pool. 

Please note: locker rooms are available for changing; but please carry any valuables into the pool area with you. Proctor Public Schools and Community Education are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.


To view our available sessions please review our registration site.

Please be sure to choose the appropriate swim level by reviewing the information below. If you are unsure, please contact the Youth Enrichment Coordinator directly.


Proctor High School

131 Ninth Ave

Proctor, MN 55811

 Park in the Blue Lot | Enter Door #4

Contact Information

Kaitlyn Koehler, Youth Enrichment Coordinator

218-626-6075 | kkoehler@proctor.k12.mn.us

Kristal Berg, Director of Community Education

kberg@proctor.k12.mn.us | 218.626.6024

Group Level Information

Toddler: Ages 1 - 3

Preschool: Ages 3 - 5

Beginner 1: Ages 5 - 6.5

Have fun while helping your child adjust to the water. Toddlers must wear a swim diaper under a tight-legged swimsuit. Parents join their child(ren) in the pool.

Children begin working with an instructor, following safety rules, learning to float on front and back, bobbing while getting their head wet, basic flutter kick, and adjusting to the water through games that build confidence and skills. Parents join their child(ren) in the pool.

Supported floats, glides and beginning front and backstroke work are covered. Safety practices and becoming comfortable in the water are emphasized.

Beginner 2: Ages 6.5 - 8

Beginner 3: Ages 8 - 9

Intermediate: Ages 9 - 11

With staff approval, for children who can float on their front with their face in the water, float on their back with ears in the water, and swim very strong on front with breath control and back with forward motion.

With staff approval, children who can swim in deep water independently using the front crawl with their arms out of the water while using breath control, are able to float on their back for 15 seconds, and can swim on their back for 15 feet.

With staff approval, for children who can swim the front crawl 25 yards, back crawl 15 yards, sidestroke 15 yards; elementary backstroke 25 yards, and tread water for 1 minute.

Swimmer: Ages 11 - 14

For children who can swim front crawl and elementary backstroke 50 yards, breaststroke, butterfly, back crawl and side stroke for 25 yards, tread water for 5 minutes; perform front tuck and pike position surface dives and flip turns.

Private Swim Lesson Information

Private Lessons: Ages 3+

Sibling Lessons: Ages 3+

This individual time enables the instructor to work in a 1:1 ratio to enhance skills of your choosing.

This individual time enables the instructor to work in a 1:2 ratio, with a sibling of comparable swimming ability, to enhance skills of your choosing.

Please note, due to the popularity of our private swim lessons, all registrants must utilize our online registration site.